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#1 Rule Of Personal Growth

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“A well-read woman is a dangerous creature” Lisa Kleypas. I came across this quote while searching for some personal growth inspiration to prep me for a long night of #SheBecameFearless work. This little sentence here is so powerful that I wanted to give it the proper attention it deserves. This personal growth quote could be interpreted negatively, just like anything else in life, or we can shine a light on why it’s such a positive message for women.

When I saw this quote it jumped at me for 2 reasons:

First, I believe in the power of knowledge. Any person that knows valuable information is a powerful human being. The more information we allow ourselves to be exposed to, the better decisions we are able to make. The more we develop our personal growth. Consequently, the better life we are able to build for ourselves. That’s why investing our time in development is so crucial; it allows us to develop skills and experiences that make our minds a powerful asset.

As women, we have the duty to educate ourselves and fight for our spot in this world. We need to dream, learn, and read. Read a lot. Whatever topic interests us, we should learn about it. We need to educate ourselves about what’s going on around us so we can get involved, voice our opinions, and make a difference. Always remember that the most successful people are those who never stop learning and educating themselves. Keep investing in your personal growth.

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Second, by learning new things we open up our mind to the new and unknown. Being open-minded allows us to free our minds from limiting beliefs. It lets us think beyond the boundaries we used to unconsciously limit our capabilities with. Without having the confidence to make an important decision, we will experience fear of the unknown. This fear is so deadly to women; it is what holds us back from so much opportunity that passes by everyday. To be an outstanding decision-maker we must build a confidence that derives from a strong knowledge base.

I challenge you to be extremely inquisitive. Let’s continue to learn new things, broaden our horizons, and consequently tackle life with the authority and self respect we built for ourselves.

Do you have any advice on personal growth? What have you learned that you can share with us?

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