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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Meditating (And How To Get Started)

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Meditation completely changed my life. It has brought me so many benefits that I would have never experienced otherwise. Before I started meditating though, I used to think it was only meant for people who wanted to become monks or something along those lines. My ignorance towards the topic made me build a judgemental outlook towards it; I found it flat out weird. Even though I was constantly encouraged to try it, I always found excuses of why I couldn’t fit it into my schedule. But once I tried it for the first time, my experience was so powerful that I came back for more.

Meditating has changed my life for so many reasons, including:

  1. Calmed me down in situations I used to immediately panic in
  2. Allowed me to learn to let go of frustrations that used to eat me alive
  3. I’ve also found that my irritation/tolerance towards annoyances have diminished tremendously
  4. I find myself constantly having positive thoughts filled with the ability to notice the smallest blessings around me
  5. My focus level has increased, I’ve learned to truly experience the present moment (a magical feeling)
  6. It has taught me so much about who I am by allowing me to listen to my intuition more clearly
  7. I’ve been able to breath more deeply. I used to take very shallow breaths unconsciously
  8. I am now able to better visualize my thoughts which has changed how I prioritize my day
  9. It has given me a sense of inner peace
  10. To unjustly summarize them all: it has helped to de-clutter all the junk out of my brain and taught to slow down the pace I live in.

Think about how many benefits it brings us for something that costs absolutely nothing. Meditating is free! We oftentimes spend money on events that take us through unique, fun and profound experiences such as concerts, trips, retreats, motivational seminars, etc. Yet meditating can take us through a similar emotional stimulant without a high ticket cost. The best part? It can be done anywhere. It can be incorporated in our things we are already doing everyday, such as walking, driving, showering, brushing teeth, etc. as there are many types of meditations that exist.

Getting started can be an overwhelming experience if you’ve never tried meditating before. There is a ton of information all over the internet, all interpreted differently, including apps, challenges, and books. My advice to you is to start small. Every time you want to incorporate a new habit into your life, always start small. Commit to little changes that will eventually transition into bigger ones. The worst thing we can do is overwhelm ourselves in the beginning because it will make us more prone to quitting. That being said, I’ll walk you through a simple beginner meditating exercise that you can try for yourself. And if it works, if you’re able to master it and you’re ready for level 2, let me know! I will share with you all the different levels I’ve taken my meditating into as I’ve became more involved.

Start Meditating

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Here is a beginner way to meditate, I’ll walk you through the sit-down meditation type:

  • Commit to 5 minutes per day, set a timer
  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes
  • Take some deep breaths, in from the nose and out through the mouth
  • Focus on your breathing, how it makes you feel
  • Focus on your 5 senses, what do you hear? What do you feel? Notice the weight of your body against the chair. Become aware of your feelings
  • Then bring the focus back to your breathing.
  • Your mind will wonder, a lot. This is very normal for beginners and completely okay. Just gently take your thoughts back to the present moment; your breathing and feelings.
  • Let your mind wonder freely if it does, but become aware of it and bring your focus back to your breathing
  • Do this for 5 minutes until your alarm goes off, then slowly stretch and ease yourself back into your day

You can even take it a step further and burn a lavender scented candle, or diffuse some calming oils, or even have a white noise machine running in the background (if you live in a noisy area). Just make sure you’re always comfortable dressed for it.

The first time I tried meditating was pretty effective but I still didn’t immediately get to the point where I wanted to be. It took time, practice, and consistency. So with that I encourage you to try it, carve time out of your day for it, and practice, practice, and practice! It is so important to dedicate time to building a deeper connection with our minds. Just like we work-out our bodies, exercising our minds is just as important. I really want it to be life changing for you too, as it has been for me.

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Did you find these 10 reasons to start meditating helpful? Have you tried meditating before?

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