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10 Ways To Stay Active When You Can’t Do Gym

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The conversation around exercise almost always revolves around going to the gym. Don’t get us wrong, going to the gym is a great thing! But for a lot of us, it just isn’t feasible. We might not have the spare cash to get a membership, or we might not have time – we are busy women, after all! But how do we manage to stay active when the gym is not an option?

Turns out, there’s lots of ways to stay fit – And even better- they’re easy, accessible, and can be done as soon as this article is over!

We can…

Park farther away from an entrance. Whether it be our jobs, our homes, or even the local grocery store, parking farther away from our destination forces us to walk a bit more! Walking an extra 5 minutes to the entrance means walking an extra 5 minutes back, and if that happens five times during the week…we would manage to walk an extra 50 minutes we otherwise wouldn’t have! Woohoo!

Stop meeting for coffee. Our bosses, friends, or moms want to meet us for coffee? How about they meet us for a stroll in the park instead? Or bowling? Insisting on physical activities rather than getting coffee or Netflixing and chilling is a great way to stay active.

Stop sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time. We burn 33% more calories when standing. Take breaks from sitting for so long – or maybe even invest in a standing desk!

Take the stairs. Okay, maybe not all the time – some days, we just don’t have it in us. But if we live on the 3rd floor…what’s the harm in going up on the elevator but going down the steps later on? We can also choose to go up halfway (like going up to the 2nd floor then walking up the rest of the way). Easy breezy!

Clean our rooms more. Dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping qualify as exercise. Even if we only do 10 minutes of cleaning a day, that’s 70 minutes in a whole week!

Dance! We all go out and party from time to time, so let’s make sure we’re actually moving! Why do we even go to parties just to stay on our phones, anyway? Get up and dance for a few songs because dancing, in case it wasn’t obvious from the Zumba craze, is exercise!

Ride our bikes. We can save on the Uber costs and get a bit of fresh air? Sign us up!

Walk a dog. There has to be someone in the neighborhood that needs their dog walked! We can do it for free and just enjoy the friendly company, or we can charge for the service and make a few extra dollars. Win-win!

Play with kids. Same as walking a dog – somebody will always need their kids watched (and will pay for it!). Babysitting tykes will inevitably lead to more movement…trust us on this one.

Hand weights. When we’re just sitting down and doing something that requires minimal attention…why not be lifting a weight on the side? We’re not talking 25 pounds of steel here, but something more realistic (and lightweight) like a 2 lbs weight will get the job done!

Making time to exercise isn’t easy. Between school, work, kids, bills, and the everyday stresses of life…who has the time? It’s still important to stay active so we’re honoring our bodies – but that doesn’t mean that we need to take a trip to our gyms! There’s plenty of easy ways to implement exercise in our daily routines.

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