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14 Cheap Ways To Show Love This Valentine’s Day

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14 Cheap Ways To Show Love This Valentine's DayAh, love is in the air! It’s our favorite month – February! And that means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Even though it’s not until the 14th, February is a month that’s practically dedicated to love. But with so many of us trying to stay frugal, how can we show our loved ones how much they mean to us without breaking the bank. Well, we’re here to go over over some inexpensive ways to show love around this time of year!

A picnic – Of course, this one depends on the temperature of our location. For some of us, we’re in chilly Northeast – but some of us might be in sunny Tampa. If it’s nice enough wherever we’re located, making a couple of PB&J sandwiches with a sweet drink in a nice park area is a great idea! If it’s too cold, don’t worry – we can just eat inside, and cuddle up. This cute picnic basket will do the trick!

Playing with animals at a local shelter – If our partner loves animals, this is an easy one. There’s tons of animals that need love – and what better day to give it to them on V-Day?

Bake – We’re past the days of our Easy-Bake ovens, but we don’t need to be chefs to find some of those quick cookies that just go in the oven for 15 minutes! Trust us – people love cookies so much, that whoever you’re making them for will be grateful and not even care (or notice) that we only spend a little!

Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt – This one’s sentimental and cheap! Get some note cards and write down all your favorite things or memories about your significant other. Invite them over and place them all around the house – and have them go on a scavenger hunt for them! It’ll be so cute seeing them fumble around to find them. Bonus: Have the last card have a Hershey’s Kiss on it as a treat!

Go to a bookstore together Sitting in quietly surrounded by a mass amount of books…ahhhh. It sounds relaxing just thinking about it! But when we add a person who does it with us, it goes from relaxing to intimate. Check out popular sections, and have a blast picking out your next read!

Mail a letter to their job – There’s nothing, and we mean nothing, better than getting a gift at our jobs in front of everyone. Whether it’s flowers, or candy, this public display of affection makes us feel wanted in the best way possible! Cute cards like this one do the trick 😉

Do something that they need done – We all know that task our significant other has been procrastinating on – mowing the grass, folding the clothes, or even washing the dishes. Do it for them on V-Day! This labor of love will definitely be remembered by them for a long, long time.

Make them a playlist – This one is easy. We can either make them a playlist of songs we know they’ll like, or introduce them to new music – or maybe even songs that have a special meaning for the both of us! Either way, when they listen to it at the gym or on the way to work, they’ll remember us the entire time.

A handwritten note – Seeing “I love you” in someone else’s handwriting means so much more than some computer generated font. So it’s time to pull out the pens, and get to writing!

Flipgram – We can all make a flipgrams of all the photos and videos we have with our boo. It’s like a living, breathing photobook that’s never going to go away (seriously, nothing on the internet ever goes away).

Plant something together – Seeds aren’t expensive. We can get a cute little pot (and decorate it with them) and then plant it right in there. It’ll be a symbol of the growing love we share!

Be the chef – Let’s stop going out for once, and cook at home. We can make a nice, homemade meal from scratch and then invite our partner over to eat! They’ll appreciate the effort (and amazing food), and we’ll appreciate the money we saved on staying in.

Netflix and Chill (with V-Day themed snacks) – Okay, so with the popularity of N&C, it can be hard to convince someone that it’s a date instead of a casual get-together. But if we add popcorn in a cute little bowl, some Valentine’s themed candy, and some matching PJ’s, we might be able to convince our partner that this is special.

Get lots of candy – the day after Valentine’s Day – Wouldn’t it be fun to be cheap with our partner? Making it open that we’re against the ridiculous standards for Valentine’s Day and getting half-off candy the day after makes for a great joke and a day to remember.

There’s no specific way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If we want to go all out and spend tons of cash, we can. But we’re not obligated to! If our partner’s really love us, they’ll accept whatever small gifts or dates we offer them – because the real meaning of V-Day is about love, not money.

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