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3 Career Advice for Women

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career advice for women

Don’t Be Afraid to Assert Questions and Decisions

Oftentimes people who are new to the workforce tend to be very timid. We believe that we should be more soft spoken and keep our ideas to ourselves, and when our time to speak comes around, we oftentimes end up vocalizing our ideas in a shy tone. We need to counteract that and stroll into the office with confidence and assertiveness of who we are. Instead of saying, “Hey, I know you’re busy today, but if you have the time can we maybe meet up?” try saying, “Can you please send me some times when you’re able to meet today? It’s important the we discuss XYZ.” Try changing the accommodating language to be more direct and straightforward. We need to let everyone know that we’re confident in what we’re doing and that we know how to communicate in a professional setting. If we sound like we don’t even trust ourselves, how can we expect our bosses and co-workers to?


Take initiative

Competition is tough out there. If you want to become a professional, you should always take the initiative to learn, research, and take yourself in the direction where you want to be. Success, just like anything else in life, doesn’t just land on our lap. We can’t sit around waiting for it. People usually get what they worked for, and if you want something out of life, get out there and take initiative towards it. It can be something as simple as getting an additional certification for your career, or reading a book that gives you a new POV, or asking someone to be your career mentor. Whatever it is that will help you take the next step, go out there and get it. Don’t sit around and get distracted by the million things happening in front of us. Prioritize your goals.

Invest, Save, Plan!

There is a balance between living in the present/spending it all and planning for the future. Too much ‘living in the present’ will make us go broke, and too much ‘future mindset’ will make us miss out on the present moment. Try to map out a rule for yourself of  how much you’ll allocate towards saving, 401k, investments and how much you’ll give yourself to spend in the present. Even a little bit of money a day put towards the future can help you plan a more secure future.

It’s not always easy to advance our careers or in life overall, but these tips are some great ways that can help us get started. Being in any career path is filled with twists and turns, but there are some great ways we can help ourselves navigate the spaces and let our colleagues and bosses know that we just as capable as anyone else!

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