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4 Steps To Being An Empowering Woman

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Whether with a spouse, a younger sibling, a friend, or a co-worker, we’ve all had a point in our lives where we were given the opportunity to be an empowering woman. It goes without saying how tough it is to build and maintain good relationships, but what I find even harder is the ability to position ourselves as a positive influence in them. Just by interacting with others we have the capability to impact their thoughts; whether positively or negatively. That’s why people always say ‘you are who you hang out with.’ So that being said, wouldn’t it be nice to be a positive influence to those who we interact with? Wouldn’t it be great to take part in helping those we love develop into amazing individuals?

Every person that has achieved something wonderful has done it because someone has positively impacted their lives. Whether you have a sibling, parent, spouse or co-worker that you can influence, these 7 ways will help you become a positive influence them.

1) Get over yourself, your ego

In order to help someone develop into something beautiful, we have to let go of our ego. Let go of the need to always get the praise and attention, which usually roots from an insecurity. We don’t always need to be the smartest person in the room, or the one who says the last word. We don’t need to always be thirsty for constant attention. A great leader is someone who is willing to let other people shine. For example, if your spouse shines brighter than you, that’s a reflection of you. When a direct report excels in a task, that shows that their manager is diligently helping this person grow. The key to success as a leader is to create stars around you.

2) Recognize the potential in people

As you work to create stars around you, it is important to recognize the potential everyone has; no matter what stage of life they are in. A person could be highly gifted in a specific area but going through personal issues, which will reflect by poor performance. We should be capable of recognizing those stages and seeing through them. Every single person is born with a gift, a light, a masterpiece. Over the years life gets in the way and negative events cover up that gift, light and masterpiece.

When someone is at their most vulnerable stage, we have to be able to recognize it and see through those insecurities. Once we come into that realization we will learn that everyone has a greatness, and by recognizing that, it leads people to deliver even more greatness. In other words, people behave and act based on how we make them up to be. For example, if we constantly put someone down, that person will most likely always deliver bad results. Why? Because we are constantly shrinking them. Hold people as powerful by seeing the positive in them. Focus on what’s possible.

3) Acknowledgement of achievements

As we are holding people as powerful by seeing the positive in them, it is important to communicate those thoughts. Give feedback, praise the smallest achievements, remind them what’s right about them. What oftentimes ends up happening is that we are so conditioned to focused on what’s wrong that we consequently end up pointing out what’s wrong in others. Our brain is built in a way. It’s always scanning our environments and searching for negative events. This conditioning trades back to thousands of years ago when we had to constantly be in survival mode.

Our brain hasn’t evolved since then, consequently it automatically still thinks that way. Due to this, our brains are still conditioned to be scanning for threatening situations and conditions. We end up always pointing out the negative, judging ourselves, looking at what’s wrong with our body or hair, etc. We do this to ourselves naturally which leads us to doing this to others too, oftentimes without thinking. Remember to take a moment to appreciate why someone is amazing, why that person is doing a great job, why they deserve a praise. Point out the positive encouragingly.

If we feel don’t uncomfortable praising other people, go back to step 1 and master it because our ego is taking over. We must get out of our comfort zone.

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4) Acknowledgement of opportunities

On the same token, it is just as important to give people feedback on their opportunities too, but ALWAYS from a positive place. For example, you can say something like “I think that you’re amazing and you’ve been doing a great job with this. I also wanted to point out something I think you should fine tune.” If you’ve asked your partner to do something for you over and over again, yet you are not getting the results you want – reassess the way you’re asking them. Remember, the definition of insanity is repeating something over and over again expecting the same result. Show your loved ones that you are committed to helping them by being real and honest, yet supportive and empowering.

Appreciate those who are around us, everyone deserves attention and care. If you recognize that someone need a little encouragement, become that role-model for them. Show them that you are excited to see them shine. Just like receiving credit for your achievements, it is equally as powerful seeing someone close to you succeed, someone that you’ve helped. Help to build up those around you.

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Do you have any tips on how to be an empowering woman? Who are you being  a role-model or leader for?

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One more thing! Remember… go out there and be Fearless! No matter what you set your mind to, YOU CAN DO IT!

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