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4 Ways to Get Organized This Year

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ways to get organized this year

Life can get so hectic in just a matter of days. On Sunday, you think you have your week planned out – but by Tuesday, your room is a mess, you’ve got 35 emails you need to respond to, and you’re behind on a deadline. We all need a little help getting and staying organized, and we’ve got 4 easy ways to do it!

Get rid of everything you don’t need – This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s the hardest for most of us. We have a bad habit of cluttering our lives with things we don’t need, and sometimes don’t even want. How can we expect to get organized when our life is filled with useless things? Here’s a tip: getting organized starts with getting rid of the things that distract us to make space for the things that will get us on track. Why do we need 4 planners on our phones? Why do we have clothes we haven’t worn in 2 years in our closet? Why is there cat litter in our homes when we don’t even have a cat? It may sound a little silly, but really look at everything you own and ask the questions, “Do I need this, or is it just taking up space?” Chances are, if we haven’t used it in two months, we may never use it.

Use a planner – seriously! – It’s free, simple, and can do nothing but help us – Google calendar. If writing is a better fit for our lives, we can use that, too – most planners are only about $2. Typing (or writing) things down is an easy, foolproof way of not forgetting them! Planners and calendars are an easy way to stay on track, and see what we have to do for the day (or week…or month…or year). When we can see what needs to be done, we’re more likely to do it. And when we can see what we’re going to be doing, we’re more likely to not skip out. Color coordinate, have it ping – however we do it, using a planner is one of the easiest ways to get organized! Some favorite ones are this marble cover planner, Katie Daisy, and chevron.

Put things away immediately – Okay, so everyone is guilty of not doing this one. How many times have we washed and dried our clothes just to not fold or hang them? Then we’re left with a pile of clean clothes just sitting in our rooms, taking up space! Whether it be putting the Post-It notes back in the drawer at the office or placing the dishes in their respective places after we’ve washed and dried them, putting things in their correct place as soon as possible is an effortless way of staying organized. Not only does it help us stay organized in the moment, but it creates less work for us later on! A win-win!

Schedule in fun time – You could be going to get your nails done, taking a trip to the mall, or getting a fresh haircut. It doesn’t matter what it is – but schedule it in! If we started actively giving a set time to the fun things we have, we’re more likely to do them then, instead of doing them when we have more important things to do (like watching the newest episode of our favorite TV show when we should be emailing our bosses back). Our weekends don’t need to be jam-packed with little activities, but the really important things (going bowling, yoga, or visiting grandma) should be scheduled. It’s almost like insurance for not treating ourselves before we do our real work.

We can’t all be Type-A personalities. Getting (and staying!) organized is a tough goal to reach. It’s a process, and we may not get it down-pat right away. But by staying focused and utilizing these tips, we’ll be ready to tackle anything!

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