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7 Day Self-Love Challenge

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I wanted to kick off this week with a fun idea we can all embark on together; a 7 day self-love challenge. Why? Because we owe ourself the love that we so freely give to other people. There’s something so magical about respecting our bodies, caring for ourselves, and accepting who we are. The best part? It all begins with just one decision. When we make the conscious decision of self-love, we begin to accept ourselves fully and unconditionally. It is such a freeing feeling.

When I shared with you why learning self-love changed my life, I truly mean that it changed me. Self-love not only makes you feel and look good, but it’s perhaps the most important thing we should stand for. Feeling love for ourselves is the foundation for all good in our lives, it all starts with us. It has a spillover effect that can bring about unexpected changes in ourselves. As we practice self-love our mindset can change into one of abundance, power, and strength. The more we condition ourselves to feel this way, the more positive thoughts and emotions we will naturally feel.

So how does this 7 day self-love challenge work, anyway?

Glad you asked 😉

Here is how it works. Printout the daily planner provided below so you can keep track of the daily challenges. Then, every day, follow the challenge along side with me, starting Monday and going all the way through Sunday. Take a picture of you doing each of the challenges and post it on social media daily. Be sure to add #SelfLoveChallenge and tag me so I can find you!

Here are the daily challenges we will take together:

Monday: Make yourself a big healthy salad for dinner, drink a cup to Chamomile tea afterwards, and go to bed 1 hour earlier than usual

Tuesday: Dress up and wear your favorite outfit today

Wednesday: Treat a stranger to a cup of coffee

Thursday: Sweat! Either dance at home, go for a run, go to Zumba – do something that will make you sweat, a lot!

Friday: Pamper yourself today. Either take a warm bath with sea-salt, treat yourself to a fresh blow-out/nails, take a mid-day nap, or put a homemade facial on

Saturday: write yourself a self-love note. Make sure to include at least 10 things you love about yourself. Put it in an envelope, save it, and give it to yourself on your next birthday

Sunday: Spend an afternoon doing something you love doing but never find time to for it. For me, I love playing my guitar but I always put it off because I’m too ‘busy’ for it

Make sure that you download your FREE 7 Day Self Love Challenge printable so you can follow along all week. If you’re already subscribed to She Became Fearless, the printable is located in the She Became Fearless Library of FREE resources. If you’re not subscribed, sign up below and you’ll receive immediate access! 

You ready to have some fun with me? Let’s do this! Time to put yourself first for once.

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One more thing! Remember… go out there and be Fearless! No matter what you set your mind to, YOU CAN DO IT! Did you download my free e-book yet? I know that you’ll love it!

Do you have any tips on self-love? What are somethings that you do for yourself regularly that help you recharge?

Much love,

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Get my free Fearless e-Book!