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We Should Do More Self-Love (+ Intro to SBF)

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Hello my fearless ladies! It’s been a week since I launched #SheBecameFearless – and I could not be more grateful for every single one of you. I received so much love and feedback; it makes my life so beautiful knowing that what I’m doing is meaningful to you. That said, I wanted to kick-off the start of She Became Fearless with this video, which will explain to you how things will unfold over the next few weeks.

Every month I will focus our conversation on 1 specific topic, and every week I will publish a new post related to that subject. The topics chosen monthly are things that I believe as women we should be discussing. But I want you to keep in touch and let me know if you have something specific that you want to discuss. It could be something that you’re currently going through or maybe something that you want to learn more about. The conversation among us will be ongoing, so keep me in the loop with your thoughts and ideas and I will bring them to life on #SheBecameFearless.

I want us to begin working collaboratively, not against each other. Let’s start bringing light to topics that will empower us and help us grow together. If you haven’t done this already, I invite you to join the #SheBecameFearless community, which will give you access to my Library of Free Resources, inspirational content, blog updates, freebies, and a copy of my e-book: 13 Steps To Becoming Fearless.

Alright, you ready to get started?

I invite you to watch the video below to kick-off the start to our journey together!

After you finish watching this video, download the workbook shown below. This workbook has a list of 10 very important questions that every woman should be asking herself regularly.

Go ahead and download the workbook and let’s get this party started!

Self Love

Make sure that you download your FREE ‘We Should Be Doing More Of This Immediately’ Workbook! If you’re already subscribed to She Became Fearless, the workbook is located in the She Became Fearless Library of FREE resources. If you’re not subscribed, sign up below and you’ll receive immediate access! 

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Thanks for watching, I hope that you enjoyed this video and now understand how things will unfold over the next few weeks. I think you’ll also enjoy reading: 6 Tips to Living a Fulfilling Life (workbook included)

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One more thing! Remember… go out there and be Fearless! No matter what you set your mind to, YOU CAN DO IT! Did you download my free e-book yet? I know that you’ll love it!

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Get my free Fearless e-Book!