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Why You Should Master Your Listening Skills Immediately

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Master your listening skills

We can find one thousand articles on how to speak to other people – and that’s definitely important. But what advice is there to listen to to others? There’s such an emphasis to get our points across, but listening is just as important as speaking. We all love the sensation of being listened to. The more comprehensively we are listened to, the more we respond. It’s powerful stuff. We fall in love with people who listen to us; we vote for people who listen to us; we buy the products and services of people who listen to us. The ability to listen is one of the most profound influencing skills available to us!

We’ve got to stop worrying about what we’re going to say and focus on what’s being said. We sometimes listen to have your opinions validated or your ego stroked – but that’s not okay. We need to listen to be challenged and to learn something new. We’re not always right, so it’s okay to stop pretending we know everything and humble ourselves to others. If we desire to be listened to, then we must give others the courtesy of listening to them.

Even beyond personal relationships, listening is still important. Let’s face it — we’ve all experienced the horrible effects of the lack of active listening within the workplace at some point.  For those of us who’ve spent any significant amount of time in the workforce, we know what it’s like to attend a meeting in which we have little input on what goes on in the cooperation we work for. The result of those feelings is not only a lack of happiness – the result is a general lack of commitment, engagement and productivity.

Being leaders in the workforce and being good partners in any of our relationships means we just need to listen! It’s really that simple. One of the best compliments we can be paid is to be known as a good listener. Being recognized in this fashion will open doors, surface opportunities, and take us places talking never could. Listening demonstrates that we respect others, and is the first step in building trust and rapport. Listening to our bosses when they have a concern shows that we’re open to feedback and listening to learn and understand – and listening to our friends rant about their lives shows that we care about their wellbeing and love them.

Clearly, listening is a skill that we can all benefit from improving. By becoming a better listener, our productivity will increase, as well as our ability to influence, persuade and negotiate. What’s more, we’ll avoid conflict and misunderstandings – what’s not to love about that? Listening is the most powerful tool we can use – so let’s start doing exactly that.

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