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Sheryl Sandberg’s Advice For All Women

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I started loving Sheryl Sandberg’s work after I finished reading her outstanding book Lean In. She is a brilliant woman who I have an immense amount of respect for. Sheryl is not only an outstanding author and activist, but also the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. No big deal, right? In other words, she is kicking ass as an executive in the middle of the male dominated Silicon Valley. Despite life throwing her a major curve ball when her husband tragically died on vacation, she handled such deep grief in a way that was truly eye-opening. Her strength in business and life has taught me so many valuable lessons. I am honored to share this video with you. As you’ll see here, she truly knows how to empower those around her.

I encourage you to carve out just 15 minutes of your day today and listen to her powerful message. Whether you’re driving, cooking, about to meditate, or just scrolling through Facebook’s endlessness, play this video in the background. Listen to Sheryl’s 3 powerful pieces of advice that she gives to women just like ourselves.

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Do you have any tips for managing work and life? What are some things you do daily that helps you balance it out?

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