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Staying Motivated After That Post-New Year Slump

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We’re all feeling it – yep, that post-New Year slump. After we’ve made all of our resolutions, going to the gym 2 times, and created a vision board with all of our goals for the year, we come to a standstill, usually about 3-6 weeks after January 1st. The post-New Year slump is inevitable, and can leave us worse than before we set all of these amazing goals on the first day of the year. Here are some ways to stay motivated to keep true to all the things we want to achieve!

Step 1: Remind yourself why the goal is important

It’s so easy for us to become unmotivated when we can’t remember why our goal was important in the first place! Having something as simple as post-it notes on our mirrors with a short sentence about why we need to keep on pushing is an easy way to be reminded of what truly matters to us – and, in turn, motivated us to push forward! If our goal is simply “Staying fit” how exactly does that motivate us? First, understand why we have our goals in the first place, and secondly, write down reasons next to the goals. For example, writing, “I want to stay fit to live more consciously, honor my body, and strengthen my discipline.” This gives us a clear reason as to why our goal is important.

Step 2: Treat yo’ self!

No, seriously – we need to reward ourselves for staying on track! Remember in elementary school, when we got gold stars for increasing our reading fluency? It’s the same concept. We are deserving of perks when we are doing a good job. One example of doing this is setting up a money jar. For every time we are one step closer to achieving our goals, put $1 in the jar. We can either use it on a treat for ourselves at the end of the week, month, or even compile it at the very end! This treat could be us getting a new item of clothing, going to the spa, or something as simple as getting a candy bar. If cleaning the bedroom every Sunday is our goal, then every Sunday we do it, a bit of money goes into the jar. Rewards like this remind us that we’re doing what we promised ourselves we would – and honestly, who doesn’t like treats?

Step 3: Watch or read success stories

Trust us – we’re not the only ones out here trying to stay motivated. Actually, we’re pretty sure everyone is in a constant battle to stay on track with everything! Work, school, and family. The good thing about this? There are other people tracking their journeys (and successes!) and they might be able to provide some well needed pep-talk! With the ease and access of the internet, it takes nothing but a quick YouTube search to find others. Whether it be a Ted Talk (seriously, those are motivation landmines), or a blog (like ours!) there shouldn’t be too much hassle finding someone who can inspire us. Maybe we can even find some helpful tips on how to avoid common mistakes! It’s a good thing, all aroun

Look, we’re not saying that it’s not okay to hit a slump – it happens to the best of us. Shoot, even Scarlett Johansson almost gave up (and, well…she’s Scarlett Johansson!). Coming to a mental motivation block is inevitable, but it’s important to always find ways to re-energize yourself! With a bit of mental effort (and occasional bribing) beating that post-New Year slump should be a breeze!

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