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Style Tip: What To Wear To An Interview

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What To Wear To An Interview

I’ve always been a big advocate of dressing for success. I believe that carrying yourself professionally, neatly, and cleanly goes a  long way. Whether we like it or not, the visual way we present ourselves to others does send out an unspoken message about who we are, and those first impressions speak for us before we get the chance to. So the outfit we choose for an interview is as important as the way we speak and present ourselves.

Although appearance guidelines are a lot more relaxed than 10 years ago, a conservative-ish approach is still recommended when interviewing. For me whenever I interview or have an important meeting, I like to portray myself conservatively and professionally but also not let my authenticity be lost in it. I do enjoy wearing bright colors, nail polishes, and fun fashions; so I do keep a little touch of my personality in my look. However, not every industry is as receptive to the latest fashion fads, so use common sense if you choose to do the same.

This Macy’s look is a perfect interviewing outfit for someone like me as it balances the conservative tone with a stylish vibe. This is the basic black and white interview look with a fun twist; all in the intricate details. It was designed by Kobi Halperin, which is sold exclusively at Macy’s for a limited time. These designs are modern sophistication in staples with feminine touches. It has an European style that bridges timelessness and trend.

My outfit

Kobi lace trim cropped pants

Kobi lace trim top in Ivory/Black

Chinese Laundry wonder platform pumps

Other than having a professional outfit when interviewing, it is also very important that hair and makeup are neatly done. I recommend letting your natural beauty shine more than your makeup skills, in other words; try opting for a natural and minimal look.


  • Keep it well groomed
  • Low-maintenance
  • Loose updos
  • Out of face
  • Don’t touch it as you speak


  • Minimal makeup
  • Soft perfume
  • Go for a natural look

What To Wear To An Interview

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Other looks that are interview friendly include blouses with bows, statement dresses (neutral colors), patterned cardigans, button downs with a statement necklace (they don’t have to be boring!), khakis pants with navy blazer, black dress with stockings, or a v-neck sweater/collar combo. Remember, the prettiest accessory you will wear is your confidence and smile so no matter what you end up wearing, make sure you complete your look with that! Proud of you #GirlBoss, go kick some butt!

What do you usually wear for interviews? What other style tips do you have?

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