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September 25, 2018

3 Career Advice for Women

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June 25, 2018

4 Healthy Habits To Start In The Summer

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She Became Fearless
June 4, 2018

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May 21, 2018

Dealing With Negativity on Social Media

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Every minute is precious and should be lived authentically with a ton of positive energy, joyfulness, and kindness. Why? Because life is too short to live it differently. She Became Fearless is a labor of love created for awesome gals like yourself who are ready to start living life fearlessly. I'm swinging the door wide open and inviting you to join our community of over 10,000 women who decided to start living life for themselves. I'll give you all the inspiration, resources, answers, and nudges needed to make you become strong and fearless. So buckle up buttercup because you're in for quite the ride.

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Welcome to my cozy little corner of the World Wide Web! I'm Kloudya Molina, wife, puppy-mom, entrepreneur, corporate e-Commerce Business Analyst, and Founder of #SheBecameFearless. I was born in Chile and moved to New Jersey as a teenager. Started from absolutely nothing, without speaking English nor knowing what the future would hold, it took me quite some time to build a confident, positive, and fearless life. I created She Became Fearless because I want a shot at making this world a better place. My goal is to help, inspire and empower anyone that comes across this website to get out there and become unstoppably fearless.

#SheBecameFearless Growing Family!

The person you'll be in 5 years will be influenced by who you spend your time with today. Surround yourself with those that will fearlessly build you up.

"Everything you've ever wanted is waiting for you on the other side of fear" - George Addair

Dana BaardsenFounder, Agile Trend Media

I became Fearless when I realized I gave too much of myself away to things that wouldn't bring lasting joy in my life. I knew I found the right area of work to pursue (digital marketing media) when my own client encouraged me to start my business. Through my work I've been able to service passionate go-getters, and that energy translates to all areas of my life. In my world, what I give comes back, savviness is rewarded, and creativity counts. Those things are super important to me. #SheBecameFearless

Stephanie DomurackiSenior Auditor Deloitte & Touche

I became Fearless personally and professionally because to put it simply: it's freeing. Sometimes we may be discouraged in the pursuit of our goals and passions. But letting fear be the roadblock of those things could be the difference between true happiness and growth, or stagnation and dissatisfied wonder. Pursuing who you love and what you love, without confining yourself to the expectations or opinions of others allows you to feel alive. It allows you to explore your full potential, not the limiting potential other have imposed on you. We have one life; live it for you and you will find fulfillment like you've never known. #SheBecameFearless

Jaclyn NatoliMovie Screenwriter

I became Fearless because I knew, in the end, no one would support you
but yourself. I had to remind myself in moments of fear have the courage to keep pursuing
your goal. Also, when critics discourage you, remain self-reliant and never give up. If
friends or loved ones don’t support you, then turn your back on the world by solely
focusing on yourself until you attain your true potential. #SheBecameFearless

Catherine BonardiGraphic Designer, Bonardi Media

I became Fearless because when I think of back to when I was a little girl before all the ideas were put into my head about how life was going to be and how it should be, I felt like I could conquer the world. The little girl could be anything she wanted to be because she truly believed it and nobody told her otherwise. So I decided to be fearless because I'm not letting anyone tell me what to do and I'm certainly not letting anyone get in my way of achieving any of the crazy goals I come up with! #SheBecameFearless

Jen MarcusManager Consumer Insights, Toys R Us Inc.

I became Fearless because for me it doesn't mean the absence of fear - it means embracing it. It means daring to take the first step to do something you don't think you can do, and sticking with it. It means learning to not be afraid of failure, and instead, view it as a stepping stone towards your goal. And the most rewarding part of being fearless is how it allows me to keep pushing and challenging myself in so many different areas of my life. And I keep discovering that I'm capable of much much more than I think. It's incredibly empowering. Imagine all the things you would try to do if you weren't afraid to fail? #SheBecameFearless

Victoria RilleyProfessional Health Chef

I became Fearless because I believe that it is the key to reaching my full potential. I am dedicated to discovering and sharing my true self and helping others to do the same. We are each full of unique and beautiful gifts that when paired with the courage to share them, it can bring about happiness beyond what we can image. I believe that at the root of being fearless is the strength to be courageous enough to allow yourself to be vulnerable and follow your heart. #SheBecameFearless

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