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Easy Ways to Eat Healthier

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Yep, that’s right – we’re here to be everyone’s moms today. There’s no getting around it! In order to be healthy, we’ve got to start eating healthier foods! But don’t worry – we’re not gonna tell anyone to shove brussel sprouts (which can be tasty, by the way) down their throats. We’ve got some tips on how to start eating healthier without any hassle.

One of the easiest things we can do to start getting healthy is cutting out sugar. That means drinking our coffees black, not adding sugar to our cereals, and – this is probably the saddest one – no more chocolate. While things in moderation are fine, it’s best to just stop with the sugar altogether. It’s shocking how much excess sugar we consume on a daily basis – and the results of cutting it out are almost immediate!

We’ve also got to stop with the processed foods. Chips, take-out, those cute little bags of blueberry muffins (is it just us, or are those delicious?!) the whole nine. Processed foods have not only too much sugar, but way too much salt, and a whole bunch of ingredients we can’t even pronounce. If we can’t pronounce it, should we really be eating it? We think not.

We’ve just got to start finding healthier alternatives to to these not-so-good-for-us foods. Instead of chips, why not unsalted popcorn? Or instead of some candy, why not some fruit? It’s less about cutting the bad foods out and more about overcrowding our lives with the healthy foods to the point where we don’t even miss the junk!

Still, portion control is extremely important. We need to realize not only what we’re eating, but how much of it we’re eating. Eating a huge bowl of something healthy isn’t okay if we’re over-stuffing ourselves. It’s possible to have too much of anything – vegetables, fruits, or healthy grains. Remember the first rule – really nothing on our plates should be bigger than our fists.

How we cook our foods also plays a large role in how healthy they are. Should we be deep-frying everything? Probably not. Switching to pan-searing or roasting is a tasty, healthier alternative to frying. Also, skipping out on breading and relying on seasonings is a great way to cut down on unhealthy calories.

Eating healthy isn’t about staying on a strict diet with no days where we treat ourselves. Eating healthy is about being conscious of the things we’re putting in our bodies and honoring our bodies. It may not be easy to make the transition from careless eating to mindful eating, but it can be done!

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