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How to Stick Up for Yourself – Dos & Don’ts

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how to stick up for yourself

On paper, almost all of us would say that we stick up for ourselves. Who would want to admit that they don’t? But in reality, standing our ground can be a really scary and hard thing to do. But that’s okay! We’ve got some tips on how to stand our grounds and stick up for ourselves – and how not to!

One of the first things we’ve got to do when sticking up for ourselves is being more deliberate about what we want. Sometimes, we have a very roundabout way of just simply saying what we want, when we want it, and how we want it. Women are sometimes conditioned to not be too demanding – but being demanding is what’s going to get us what we truly desire. After saying what we specifically want, it helps to follow up with a suggestion for how the other party can help us get there. That’s just enough info for them to know how to change, without you seeming demanding. Everybody wins!

Another tip is just learning to say no. No is a powerful word – we should learn to say it more often! We need to stop agreeing to things that we know we aren’t okay with, because we’re only hurting ourselves in the end. We owe it to ourselves.

Some other things we should do when sticking up for ourselves is remembering that nobody can invalidate us. We are in complete ownership of your feelings and actions. Our beliefs, emotions, thoughts and ideas belong to us, and no one else can tell us what we feel or invalidate our feelings. We are the most important, central beings in our own lives, and it’s okay for us to believe that about ourselves – in fact, it’s necessary for us to! The more we realize that we are impenetrable the more we disallow for people to tell us that our desires aren’t important.

But there are some things to not do when we’re trying to stick up for ourselves. Being overly aggressive won’t make any negotiation or situation better – it’ll just make others view us as rude or mean, and no one will want to hear us out, regardless if what we’re saying makes any sense or not. It’s important to still remain respectful when we’re sticking up for ourselves.

Learning to stand our ground isn’t the easiest thing in the world. But it’s something that has to be done – otherwise, how will we ever get what we deserve? There is a fine line between being aggressive and assertive – but finding that perfect mixture of both is a good start to getting what we desire!

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